Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) is usually a vigorous task and the last thing you want to do is not include all the information needed for a proposal. You need to write a clear- detailed RFP with the necessary information to receive a great proposal that is submitted quickly and accurately. Rest assured, here is a list of details that you shouldn’t miss! Just remember that good RFP’s lead to good proposals and TMS is the perfect solution for all of your transportation needs!

Many RFPs include the basic information, such as:

  • Date(s) of Service
  • Hours of Operation
  • Number of contracted hotels and room block
  • ADA Shuttle Needs
  • Number of offsite events
  • AM/PM peak and off peak times
  • Type of vehicles requested (motorcoach, minibus, passenger van, sedan, etc)


Here is a list of commonly missed details:

Shuttle Service Intervals

Do you need service in 10, 20, or 30 minute intervals? This information is going to affect the cost dramatically.


Room Block Ratio

Many RFPs normally include room block, but don’t forget that the ratio is a big factor in telling us how many people will be riding the shuttle from that hotel.  This is where we need to know if there is one person or two per room.


VIP Transport

Your flow will probably be consistent, but when the key note speaker (such as the CEO/Executive Staff) actually speaks, it’s possible that people start leaving. If you have a key note speaker, what day and time are they expected to break? Having a detailed ridership (hourly) report from your past convention/meeting will give you great indication of how many buses you will need for future conferences.



We need an estimated staffing needs. Do you need staff at every hotel or boarding location? What are your expectations for staffing needs? Provide us with this information so we are able to submit a more accurate proposal.


Airport Transfers

Do you need transportation from the airport to the hotel or convention center? Do you need VIP Airport transfers or motorcoaches to transport your attendees?


For further information, contact us at info@tms.com.