Emergency Services

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Since 2005, TMS Government & Emergency Services has provided emergency evacuation services to local, state, and federal governments. TMS also holds local and state emergency response contracts. TMS is the prime contractor for FEMA’s Motorcoach Evacuation Planning & Operational Support (MCEP&OS) contract. As the foremost transportation planning and management solutions firm for emergency transportation, our team develops the plans, operational implementation, and transportation response logistics for national emergencies including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and more.

As the nation’s most experienced resource, our team has developed emergency planning and response consultants with subject matter expertise in the area of planning, response, exercise design and training activities. As such, we have developed Concept Plans, Operations Plans, Standard Operating Procedures for emergency evacuations in support of government agencies.

TMS is approved under GSA Schedule 48.

GSA Schedule 48: Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Services

SIN 411-1 Ground Passenger Transportation Services

SIN 411-3 Transportation Consulting Services

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    2005: Hurricane Katrina/Rita, Louisiana and Texas
    2008: Hurricane Gustave/Ike Louisiana and Texas
    2011: Hurricane Irene, South Carolina and New York
    2012: Hurricane Isaac, Louisiana
    2012: Super Storm Sandy, New Jersey and New York
    2016: Hurricane Matthew, South Carolina
    2017: Hurricane Harvey, Texas and Louisiana
    2017: Hurricane Irma, South Carolina
    2018: Hurricane Florence, South Carolina
    2019: Hurricane Barry, Louisiana
    2019: Hurricane Dorian, South Carolina and Georgia


    Over the past 12 years, TMS has developed 26 evacuation plans for the following jurisdictions:

    Local Jurisdictions:

    City of Alexandria, VA

    City of Arlington, VA

    City of Falls Church, VA

    City of Fairfax, VA

    City of Norfolk, VA

    City of Philadelphia

    City and County of San Francisco

    District of Columbia

    Fairfax County, VA


    State Jurisdictions:

    State of Alabama

    State of Arkansas

    State of Connecticut

    State of Delaware

    State of Georgia

    State of Kentucky

    State of Louisiana

    State of Maine

    State of Massachusetts

    State of Mississippi

    State of New Jersey

    State of Rhode Island

    State of South Carolina

    State of Tennessee

    State of Texas

    State of Utah

    State of Virginia