TMS is the proud sponsor of IAEE’s (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) “MATSO MEET” (Major American Trade Show Organizers ) a monthly virtual session designed to draw on the shared experiences of large show organizers to gain collective insights not only from each other but from expert guests as well.

June’s MATSO MEET covered Informa’s World of Concrete show regarding operations planning, attendee communications, and eventual onsite discoveries.

Here is a summary of key takeaways from the event:

  • New West Hall is a beautiful location, but electricity is tricky – checking with contractors is helpful
  • Will most likely forego carpet in the future as part of their sustainability program
  • Digital badges were implemented to address sustainability, gather better data, protect attendee personal data, and align with other large gatherings like concerts/sporting events
  • Attendees liked these badges – enabled them to control their personal info better
  • Exhibitors did not like badges because they couldn’t distinguish who was in their booth (competitors, the right buyers, etc.)
  • The main delivery method for communication and content is still email
  • Attendees registered later: 2-3 weeks out from the event (instead of 16 weeks out)
  • Temperature checks will most likely not continue after July 2021
  • Staffing is short everywhere (airport, transportation, restaurants)

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