TMS is the proud sponsor of IAEE’s (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) “MATSO MEET” (Major American Trade Show Organizers ) a monthly virtual session designed to draw on the shared experiences of large show organizers to gain collective insights not only from each other but from expert guests as well.

May’s MATSO MEET covered the latest updates from the bussing industry and the push to reopen the state of California.

We’ve summarized some key takeaways from the event:

  • Masking for bussing is no longer federally mandated for chartered services.
  • There is a shortage of bus drivers – companies need to find ways to incentivize drivers.
  • California Convention Centers are open with no restrictions starting June 15.
  • Catering costs have increased & food prices are expected to increase.
  • Shared risk premiums are soaring and will continue to do so until things stabilize.
  • Labor will most likely be strained until more events ramp up.

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