Operational Approach


Big enough to deliver. Small enough to care.

We structure our team and operational approach to ensure that we deliver safe and reliable transportation that enhances the experience for your attendees.

Our service-first mindset is exemplified by:

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    Enhanced staff training including increased staffing levels at hotel loading zones and routes
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    Customizable staff uniforms tailored to meet your show’s branding
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    Upgraded vehicles including high-end model vehicles for all passenger transfers
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    Designated vehicle inspection to ensure proper operation, cleanliness and signage
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    Proactive emergency, evacuation and security planning
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    Enhanced passenger experience with “NEXT RIDE” technology
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    Increased insurance coverage; $10mil in supplement coverage

Route to Success

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Safety & Security

TMS takes safety and security seriously and have the resources to develop emergency, evacuation and security plans for each event we operate. We ensure all hotel security, city government, venue management and Homeland Security protocols are followed if there is a security situation that requires operations to end or be diverted away from the hotels or venue.

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fleet partners and equipment

Fleet Partners & Equipment

TMS is not a bus company and we do not own any vehicles, nor do we directly hire drivers. We have an international database of 1,500+ fleet partners and utilize data provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as one point of a service indicator to assess the fitness of a carrier. All equipment comes with air conditioning and heating and goes through a rigorous pre-event inspection process by our on-site staff. We guarantee that we will utilize the best equipment available in each market and that all vehicles used will be provided to TMS through licensed, insured, and reputable subcontractors.


TMS also has the most robust insurance available today for companies that manage transportation. We carry an additional $10MM of auto and general liability insurance hired non owned coverage with no weight limit exclusion allowing our policy to cover buses and mini buses. This weight limit exclusion is extremely important to insure you, your attendees, and your event is covered to the fullest extent. It’s important to understand that most commercial automobile liability insurance policies have exclusions for heavy gross weight vehicles, such as passenger motor coaches and minibuses. TMS’ policy is specifically written to include these vehicles.

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