The Events Industry Council, a global federation of more than 30 member organizations that includes Danielle Foisy, Director of Business Development and Industry Relations at TMS, formed the APEX COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force last year. The task force’s workgroups are focused on aggregating and curating accepted practices across the events ecosystem and providing a framework for recovery and resilience as the industry adapts. We are cognizant of both our present realities and the need to best prepare for our future through our ability to analyze and mitigate risk.

In February, the Events Industry Council issued the Resources for B2B and B2C Exhibitions Accepted Practices Guide. It is intended to serve as a resource and educational tool for industry professionals to utilize as exhibitions and in-person events resume, given the current status of the pandemic. The guide highlights the current state of exhibitions, risk management, global recovery, and key insights on resuming in-person events and more.

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