Transportation Management Services is proud to be one of the “greenest” transportation providers in the nation and has been on the forefront of green initiatives in the industry. TMS’ innovative Carbon Offset Shuttle Program provides a negative carbon footprint from ground transportation. Through the software, we compute the logistical onsite shuttle information, creating a post-show tally of the number of gallons of diesel each bus burned, along with the number of numeric tons of each bus emitted.

Our main goal:

  • Eliminate the carbon footprint from TMS provided ground transportation
  • Provide resources and information that allow clients to communicate and educate their attendees on the green programs they have established
  • Donate to verified carbon offset projects on behalf of our clients

TMS will then offset the gallons of diesel on behalf of our client with and contribute the offsets. Our clients can pick from the following three projects to support or combine all three.

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Reforestation

For more information on our Carbon Offset Shuttle Program, please send us a message.