In the ever-changing landscape of careers, where professional journeys are often measured in fleeting years, there exists a beacon of stability and opportunity – Transportation Management Services (TMS). At the core of this achievement is Mike Moulton, whose 21-year journey at TMS exemplifies a commitment to excellence, unwavering resilience, and continual advancement.

Mike’s journey began in 2003, a pivotal year where life’s crossroads forced him to decide between law school and an alternative decision. Opting for the latter, he found himself at TMS, a decision that would shape the next two decades of his life.

In those early days, the TMS family was small, with only 5-6 individuals sharing lunch and forging bonds that would withstand the test of time. Mike, initially tasked with making signs, quickly became a team player, helping out wherever needed. His commitment and adaptability did not go unnoticed, and soon he found himself working the curb at events, immersing himself in the bustling world of the event industry.

A turning point came when an opportunity to move to Orlando for a year presented itself. The vibrant city became Mike’s temporary home as he assisted with one of the biggest shows in Orlando at the time, broadening his horizons and deepening his understanding of the event management landscape.

Fast forward to 2005, and Mike had already worn several hats within TMS – from Operations Manager to Account Manager. Only three jobs in his life, he often quips, washing dishes being one he swears he’ll never do again, and a brief time in retail.

Under the mentorship of Frank Sherman and Patrick Personne, Mike’s professional character took shape. Frank’s fearless “make it happen” attitude and Patrick’s meticulous attention to detail became guiding lights. The stress of orchestrating events, planned sometimes years in advance, can be overwhelming. It was during these challenging moments that Mike, lucky enough to have mentors like Frank, could seek advice and navigate the complexities of the industry.

As he transitioned from Operations Manager to Director of Operations, Mike’s journey became a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. Budgeting, procurement, accounting – he delved into the intricacies of the business, gaining insights that would prove invaluable in the years to come.

His ascent continued – Vice President of Operations, then Executive Vice President, Business Development. Each role a steppingstone, each responsibility a new challenge. In December 2023, Mike reached the pinnacle, becoming the President of TMS. The trajectory of his career mirrored the growth of the company itself.

TMS, unlike many workplaces, promotes an atmosphere where talent and dedication determine career growth. Mike’s journey served as living proof. The company, known for its stability and longevity in an industry where people often change jobs every few years, became a place where dedication and ambition were not only recognized but rewarded.

His impact stretched beyond personal success. Mike secured long-term clients, initiated new industry segments like Music Festivals and Golf Events, and became a mentor himself. The events he won at the beginning of his career are still TMS’s long-term clients today, a testament to the enduring relationships he cultivated.

Mike’s story is not just one of professional growth but of a legacy built on shared success. His dedication to client relationships, coupled with a results-driven approach, became a hallmark of his leadership style. He instills this ethos in the account managers he mentors, creating a ripple effect that resonates in the top-notch service TMS provides today.

Navigating the diverse landscape of events, from conventions and tradeshows to music festivals and special events both in the United States and globally, Mike hones a unique skill set. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life, to understand and embrace different cultures, has become a testament to his resilience and continuous learning mindset.

As TMS continues to evolve, Mike’s legacy stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence. His journey is not just a story of personal success but a narrative woven into the very fabric of TMS – a story of unwavering commitment, growth, and the endless possibilities that await those who choose to embark on the TMS journey.