Technology plays an essential role in transportation management for large events, such as conferences and conventions and sports and entertainment events. Many elements that used to be done manually can now be automated, resulting in greater transparency, optimization, and customization.

TMS has provided event transportation solutions for nearly three decades, and our team is always looking for new technology to improve our processes and enrich the event experience. Let’s look at the innovative tech we deploy for events and how it enhances the experience for attendees, organizers, and employees.


Real-Time Ridership Dashboard

Our live ridership dashboard gives event organizers and TMS’ on-site team members real-time transportation data.

For instance, at a conference, this dashboard provides vehicle tracking, allowing our staff to see how many buses and passengers are arriving from different routes in a certain time period. If there are any problems, like traffic delays, we can troubleshoot and find alternative routes or redistribute vehicles to minimize wait and transit times. This data informs the organizers of how many people will need to be in place to give out welcome packets and directions, guide attendees to their seats, provide security, etc. Though event attendees don’t actually see the ridership dashboard, they have a more seamless customer experience because of it.

Dashboard data is valuable to organizers for actively managing a current event and minimizing uncertainty. Historical data also makes it easier for organizers to plan future events. They can review ridership stats, playback GPS routes, or calculate the total number of bus trips to simplify the planning process for the following year’s event.



All TMS drivers use dedicated mobile devices with GPS, which gives our team and the organizers full visibility into the event transportation. At any given moment, we know exactly where all our people and equipment are, which is critical from a safety and a service perspective. If a bus breaks down on a route, we can quickly respond. If vehicles get off track, we can get them back into service without delay.


Next Ride Application

Our Next Ride app integrates with the organizer’s event app and provides attendees with bus routes and real-time ETAs. Instead of waiting outside in the heat or the cold, unsure of when the next bus will arrive, attendees can now monitor updates from the comfort of the hotel lobby.

Technology is constantly evolving, and we are committed to developing and adopting tools that enhance the event experience for everyone involved.


Learn more about TMS’ transportation technology and how it can enhance your event experience. Read our case study on the ICMA Annual Conference to see how we set our technology solutions in motion.