Data-Driven Approach

Enabling Technologies

Our data-driven approach is backed by cost-effective technology solutions that drive efficiency for our clients and enhance the passenger experience.

  • Completely customizable

    Each client values and prioritizes specific types of data sets over another. Our technology and dashboards are fully customizable for each of our clients’ needs.

  • Full Team Access

    Our technology can be viewed by the TMS Operations and Client Operations teams and additional stakeholders including law enforcement. Additionally, our team can provide attendee facing options as well.

  • Asset tracking & next ride technology

    Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology provides increased visibility to the full fleet for both operational and security aspects. Passengers can also view the “NEXT RIDE” application to see when their next busses will arrive.

  • Real-Time Feedback

    Our technology is used not only to facilitate future operations, but also allows us to make onsite changes based on real-time feedback.

  • Post-Event Analysis

    Post-event recaps and data analysis allow us to provide valuable feedback to use during the planning of future shows. This data provides valuable feedback both operationally and financially.

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Delivering the finest ground transportation GPS/AVL tracking system in the industry.

The TMS technical team delivers state-of-the-art GPS tracking and automated vehicle location systems that not only provide information or our operational team, both in the field and in the Command Center, but also to our client groups.

Our technology can:

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    Provide real-time location updates & track vehicle movement
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    Report, identify & resolve vehicle issues on the field
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    Implement geo-fencing & map-based route planning