Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Transportation Management Services (TMS) has helped develop and maintain a comprehensive emergency management transportation program to assist local, state, and federal evacuation and relief efforts. This has included responding to 10 named disasters over the 13 year period.

Evacuation Transportation
  • Location of Project:

    Houston, Texas, United States of America

  • Work Performed:

    Emergency evacuation transportation, reporting and staffing services

  • Participation:

    Contractor to Texas Department of Emergency Management

  • Contract Value:

    AED 72,945,780


Over the past three years, Transportation Management Services (TMS) worked closely with the Texas Department of Emergency Management to develop and exercise a plan that would assist evacuating residents in the event of a major disaster. In August of 2017 this preparation and planning was called to action and with less than 48 hours notice, TMS had:

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    Mobilized 650 motor coaches to support the evacuation efforts
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    Mobilized over 80 staff across 500 square miles to support the motor coach evacuation efforts
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    Helped the State of Texas fulfill their statutory and moral responsibility to protect the citizens of the State of Texas
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    Staffed key liaison positions with both FEMA and the state Emergency Operations Center
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    Utilized state of the art GPS tracking technology to monitor movement


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    Helped the State of Texas successfully, safely and efficiently evacuate residents
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    Limited the impact and facilitated entities with the ability to recover from financial losses
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    Enhanced the image and credibility of FEMA and the State of Texas with our emergency management planning, training and operational readiness
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    Identified and deployed an experienced planning team and conducted situational briefings and attended key stakeholder meetings with both Federal and state EOC’s
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    Reviewed and refined daily, TMS’ internal emergency management plans and policies to enhance best practices
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    Established a central dispatch office to monitor and track the 650 motor coaches and provide care and feeding for drivers & staff
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    Identified potential hazards, choke-points and threats to all operations and relevant stakeholders

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