Since 2005, TMS Government & Emergency Services has provided emergency evacuation services to local, state, and federal governments including FEMA. As the foremost transportation planning and management solutions firm for emergency transportation, our team develops the plans, operational implementation, and transportation response logistics for national emergencies including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and more. Over the years, we have supported hurricane evacuation efforts for hurricanes such has Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Harvey and more.

Our team is actively looking for dedicated partners to join our preferred partners emergency team. As preferred bus partners, you will be the first to be notified in the case that TMS is activated by the government to provide emergency relief vehicles. Joining the TMS emergency relief team doesn’t require you to provide vehicles; it just means you’ll the be first to be notified if we are dispatched. Our rates are highly competitive! If you are interested in signing up for our On Demand Service Agreement or learning more, please email us at:

To learn more about our hurricane response team and our hurricane response plans, please visit: