With many states entering the process of reopening, now is the time to plan for how event industry members will keep face-to-face gatherings safe and clean in a post-pandemic world.

On Thursday, June 11 from 1 – 2 p.m. CDT, TMS President Kevin O’Connor is participating in a PCMA webinar, Get Creative with Restrictions to Meet Differently. O’Connor will be joined by panelists Jim Russell, SVP of Sales, Freeman Audio Visual Services and Doreen Burse, VP of Global Sales North America, Marriott International. Kelly Ricker, a member of the CompTIA Executive Team, will be moderating the discussion. Panelists will provide event organizers with information on how to tackle sanitation issues including serving food, best ways to navigate getting in and out of show floors and meeting rooms, the cost of precautionary measures, and much more.

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